Invitation to the 25th Seminar on Optical Communications

The 25th Seminar on Optical Communications is to be held from 4th to 5th February 2021 on the video platform ZOOM.

As every year the Seminar is going to introduce fundamental and thorough educational topics from the filed of optical communications. Participants are going to hear about last trends in the industry.

The programme includes articles from established speakers comming from both academic and industry sphere. We are going to hear lecturers from several EU and non-EU countries, some of them also from Slovenia.

Call for papers

Topics should be actual to the broad audience, and related to the optical technology or optical communications. More information for authors you can find [here]


Tomi Mlinar -- telephone +386 30 400 660 or e-mail tomi.mlinar[at]

Boštjan Batagelj -- telephone +386 1 4768 400 or e-mail bostjan.batagelj[at]

Event location

Seminar is to be held at the video platform ZOOM.